directions to barona casino

Directions to Barona Casino

Don’t be fooled by the flashy ads for “Diplomat Gold”, or even the fact that they have a casino on the top of the Grosvenor Gardens shopping mall in London, which is a fine place for gambling. These are not true Casino Montezuma.

Located at 76 Grosvenor Street, they are an amazing three-star hotel and so this review will be about them as a Casino Montezuma Hotel, much like all others. The similarities end there, however. As is common with Casinos, where you have VIP Lounge, Chocolateria, Exotic Dining, Live Entertainment and more, here you get most of the same things in a hotel, but this time with a twist. You don’t have to spend an awful lot of money to stay at this hotel, but you can do so while enjoying some of the finest hotel service you can imagine.

If you want to visit Barona Casino, you may need directions. The hotel is on the fourth floor of the Grosvenor Gardens Shopping Mall and it is located at 15 King Street. At the base of the mall, you will find the Casino Barona, another location for Casino Montezuma. The casino, in case you haven’t been there, is gorgeous.

So, the directions to the hotel are easy. Go up to the fourth floor, go up through the marble, go right and past the VIP Lounge to the bar and the lobby. Now, if you take the hotel elevators, you will soon find yourself at the lobby area. Here, you will find the bar and the rooms.

The interior of the hotel is magnificent, right down to the tropical decor of the bar and the restaurant. The bar and restaurant at the Montezuma Hotel Barona are like nothing you have ever seen, with palm trees and lots of shiny chrome, and only the music from the Casino Barona plays, so you don’t get the feeling that you are in a casino.

The best rooms at the Montezuma Hotel Barona are the Presidential Suite and the Waldorf Suite. The Presidential Suite has a private terrace and it is perfect for spending the night reading or maybe watching a movie on one of the large flat screens around the room. The Waldorf Suite has two bedrooms, one with a balcony view of the beach and the other with a king size bed and glass windows overlooking the ocean.

If you want to visit Barona Casino, you need to go to the Grosvenor Gardens Shopping Mall, take the escalator to the fourth floor, pass the VIP Lounge and find yourself at the bar and the lobby. It is recommended that you do not take the elevators to the fourth floor as there is not enough space to get out safely.