barona casino buffet

Discover the Real Barona Casino and the Barona Casino Bar Buffet

Barona Casino is a popular place for both the locals and tourists to visit, especially in May and September when the theme of the year is “Barona Cruises”. When I was visiting family for the first time in many years in Barona, I came across the Barona Casino Bar at Cavelu. I was immediately intrigued by the concept and decided to check it out.

Cavelu is a new dinning option opened recently. It is housed in a new hotel and offers a very comfortable atmosphere that has long been needed for such a high class restaurant. The food is very fresh and of the best quality and the service is excellent too. I tried the food and was absolutely thrilled.

I had a five-course seafood buffet and every course was freshly prepared and of great quality. The appetizers were quite tasty too and some were so fresh you would swear they had just been caught that morning. The roasted vegetable salad was also quite impressive.

The drinks were also of great quality and not the standard fare at most casinos. The atmosphere was fantastic and the service superb. The service was so friendly that I felt as though I had known everyone in the restaurant my entire life.

I am no expert when it comes to exotic drinks, but I do know there are some to die for in this restaurant. In addition to the bar, they also have a counter where you can have a drink and place your order for dessert. The staff are very friendly and the staff members do everything that they can to make you feel at home.

If you want to save time then take your meal and go to the buffet table and spend just 20 minutes. It will definitely be well worth the effort.

At Cavelu, you do not need to be a specialist or in any kind of culinary degree. This is a relaxed and relaxing place to enjoy yourself with the good food and the people. If you are looking for a family restaurant, this is one of the best places to go.

On our first visit to Barona Casino, we went with two young children. My daughter loved the buffet table and was eager to join the children’s games. The children enjoyed the experience too and I remember asking them what game they had always wanted to play when they grew up and they replied that they wanted to do a parachute jump and if they had been in the position I could have done it.