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Things to Do at Barona Casino

Barona Casino is a multi-gaming venue in the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. As a long time favorite tourist destination for several years running, this destination has attracted tourists from across the globe. Many people are aware of the immense hospitality that the locals offer to guests as well as their great buffet price.

Guests at Barona Casino are welcomed with a warm welcome, along with their needs catered for. Guests can relax and spend some quality time with their family members and friends. For those who wish to do a little shopping or purchase items at bargain prices, there are numerous stores that you can visit.

The gift shops at Barona Casino offer many different types of gifts at very affordable prices. There are gift items that can be purchased including a wide range of dolls, books, clothes, magazines, figurines, small gifts, posters, collectibles, toys, clothing, jewelry, and even stationary items. All of these items are available at cheap rates to suit all budgets.

Local products are also sold at a discount. Wine can be purchased and taken home to enjoy later. Different kinds of meats are available to cater for every taste. Guests can choose which they prefer to eat and still have some left over for the food.

Local crafts and handicrafts are also sold at low prices. Because of their cost, they are often times passed down from generation to generation. People who love handcrafted gifts are usually patient and will spend some time deciding on the right gift to buy.

The Casinos in Barona Casino offer a wide variety of different games. This adds to the sense of excitement and enjoyment for the guests. Guests may choose to play a quick game of roulette, poker, blackjack, or even the casinos great new slot machine.

The bar at Barona Casino offers a wide selection of drinks to suit the guest of honour. While some people choose to just get the menu from the buffet, there are others who choose to bring their own food. Both options are fine, but guests will generally get more value for their money by going to the casino bar to enjoy their food and drinks.

A great choice for entertainment is watching the live performances of the local musicians. You can watch famous musical performances and enjoy some of the local Mexican culture while doing so.